Monday, 26 December 2016

Easiest ever paella | kukskitchen

Most cuisines have their verison of a rice dish. Biriyani (India), Rissotto (Italy), Fried rice (China), Paella (Spain) and so on. Today I post here one of my favouite recipes from Spain - Paella.  This, I am afraid, is a British-household-mum's take on this Espanol classic. Traditionists might say this is not a typical Paella. Some dont add sea food to paella and chorizo is a no no too. There are several other rice rishes like (arroz con bogavante, arroz a la asturiana, arros brut, arroz al caldero, arroz a la banda...)

Please do not borrow pictures without my permission. I may not find out but there is someone up there watching, and stealing doesnot go well in his court.

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