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Happy festive day which ever one you are celebrating today.

Happy Makara Sankranthi to my South Indian Hindu friends.

Happy Makar Sankranti to my North Indian Hindu friends.
Happy Pongal to my tamil friends.

My mum used to make these lovelys when we were young. She had a funny story to go with it. We would so laugh our heads off each time we hear her tell the tale. You readers would definitely love it.

Here it goes.......

My mum started her career as a teacher. One of her colleagues wanted to make an easy sweet and my mum gives her the recipe that is given below. You would know when you read it, it says stir until the mixture starts to come off the sides of the pan. Now the next day this teacher tells my mom, over lunch, how her sweet never 'came off the sides'. Each of her colleagues in the teachers room started asking about various ingredients and the few steps in the recipe to find out what went wrong. It was then that on of the more cheeky teachers asked the above said teacher whether she had the flame on, as a joke. Can you guess what she said........ 'You never said to turn the gas stove on!' ..... I know!.... Anyway,I do not remember which of her fellow teachers it was and even if I knew I would not get that dirty laundry out :).

So, where ever you are.... aunty you are incredible..... നമിച്ചു .

Keralan vegetable stew | Syrian Christian Stew | Kukskitchen

Stew in a Syrian Christian home in Kerala means a soup like curry rich with coconut milk used as a side dish for breakfast mains like appam, idiyappam, vattayappam or even bread.

Mallu manchurian | Gobi manchurian | Cauliflower manchurian | Kukskitchen

A vegetarian comes to my house and I definitely would serve a cauliflower manchurian. Atleast until a few years ago, this was my answer to a special veggie dish fit to serve for my guests. It does serve the purpose beautifully since my manchurian receives great appreciation and even hard core non-vegetarians savour its taste (including me).

Recently I prepared this for my dear colleagues at work and they loved it. It is then that ~I realised this indo-chinese dish is actually a mallu-chinese dish. My dear friend Neha even gave it a name - Mallu manchurian. I loved it and that is what I am going to call this dish from now on.

Classic Christmas cake | Delia Smith' sChristmas cake | Kukskitchen

Christmas brings fond memories of my childhood. There would be lent (no meat) for nearly a month, all the sacrifices you make on advice from the nuns and priests of my beloved church, singing at the midnight mass and all the merriment. I did this even in my medical college and house surgeoncy days.  It was fun!

Also, in memory is the Christmas cake and wine served to any one that comes through the door over the festive period. The wine would be home made, sweet wine with a mini-kick. My non-Christian friends would devour the cake.Since I became a home maker after marriage, I have tried many a traditional recipes, but a classic Christmas cake is one that I didn't dare attempt. Until I came across Delia Smith's recipe to a classic English Christmas cake and desperately wanted to try it.

7 minute Microwave Chocolate Eggless Butterless Bachelor Cake | Kukskitchen

My little 5 year old loves cooking and helping around in the kitchen. He calls himself my little Elf helper. Bless! . It is so much fun cooking and especially baking with your little one, I'm sure a lot of you would agree. Today he wanted to try a cake by himself and  I could only let him use the microwave, for obvious reasons. This would be his first - he is growing :)

This recipe is perfect for that Bachelor boy who wants to whip up a quick tasty spongy delite away from home on a festive day. It goes brilliantly with some vanilla icecream if you wanted to wooo a special friend /friends by cooking for them.

Chicken tikka masala | Butter Chicken | Kukskitchen

On popular demand I present to you my readers the recipe I use for chicken tikka masala or butter chicken. the below recipe is one that my dear SIL R kindly passed on to me a good few years ago. She is a great cook and we inspire each other from time-to-time. This recipe is a crowd pleaser - njan guarantee :)

There are more than a handful of stories about the origin of this popular dish.

In 2001, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook declared that "Chicken Tikka Massala is now a true British national dish, not only because it is the most popular, but because it is a perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts external influences." He went on to explain that "Chicken Tikka is an Indian dish. The Masala sauce was added to satisfy the desire of British people to have their meat served in gravy.(wikipedia)

Cinnamon poached plum served with fig and passion fruit | Kukskitchen

Cinnamon poached plum served with fig and passion fruit  | Kukskitchen

Eating fruit couldn't be better with this warm fruit salad. The cinnamon and lemon give the plums and extra flavour. I love passion fruit in anything at all and this salad saw some of the flesh thrown in at the end, not to mention the extra texture it offers. My fruit only dinner hence got a gorgeous makeover.

Banana cake | Kukskitchen

banana raisin cake kukskitchen

Left over bananas have turned black... not sure what to do with them. I have got the perfect recipe for a banana cake that melts in your mouth..... one of the easiest cakes you can make... delivers the same gorgeous result each time.

I used my banana muffin recipe to make the cake. Bake them for an hour at 170 degrees in a fan assisted oven and VOILA your gorgeous banana cake is ready to serve. They are great served warm with a cup of tea.  

Apple Upside-down cake | Kukskitchen

This is a photograph I took before my blogging days. I absolutely love fruit in cakes. Gives a sense of guilt free pleasure although the cake is still very caloric.

Breakfast porridge oats with blueberries and maple syrup | Kukskitchen

One of the great habits for a healthy lifestyle is to ' Eat Breakfast every single Day'. I struggle with this. With our busy lifes,  getting kids ready for school in the morning while packing your own lunch, breakfast is one thing that is so easy to skip. I used to think if I skip breakfast that would make my body burn that extra fat since it has been starving since dinner the night before. That is the very reason one should have a healthy breakfast to break-the-fast so your body can move on and not be sluggish and reduce your productivity. they say if you feed your body a good breakfast, it’s going to boost your metabolism; you’ll feel more active, satisfied and fresh to start your day.

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