Gulab Jamun {recipe no 3} using secret ingredient | Kukskitchen

Yes, these are perfect, with a soft centre, perfect shape and delicious taste.Now, you will want to know what is that secret ingredient that made me, the jamun killer, make perfect jamuns. It is egg, I know, egg... who would have thought.

A good few months ago when I was toiling with my ingredients to make the perfect jamuns, my foundation doctor at the time was a sweet young girl, S. She gave me this tip, seeing  my misery. Thanks a ton darling.

When you have the perfect recipe, jamuns are the easiest Indian sweets to make and they are soo damn delicious too.

Goan fish curry | Kukskitchen

Fish - coconut milk - tamarind - turmeric are four things that are made to go together. They are a family made in heaven. These have a special place in the culinary trail of western  coastal belt of  India stretching from Goa to Kerala. I present here such a dish that is so similar to the palupizhinja (പാലു പിഴിഞ്ഞ ) fish curry that my mummy makes.

French Toast | Bombay Toast | Kukskitchen

French toast bombay toast kukskitchen

My mum used to make these eggy breads called french toasts and us kids use to love them. In Inida they are also called Bombay toasts. My sister still tells tales of the first time she ate it as a little child on one of her trips with our daddy from a restaurant. Unfortunately I dinot get to taste it from the above mentioned restaurant as they were already closed down before I was even born......what a shame. I donot regret it much since the place was take over by a Brahmin vegeterain restaurant who served delicious masala dosa and chutney.

Soya- tomato Chicken | No slicing involved | best beginner recipe | Kukskitchen

Chicken curry soya quick easy beginner no onion

Do you hate slicing onions? Try this recipe which uses no onions. So, no slicing, infact, you don't need a knife in your kitchen to make this recipe. It is the simplest curry one can ever make. And it comes our amazingly tasty too.

Ripe plaintain stuffed with fresh coconut | Pazham nirachathu | Kukskitchen

pazham nirachathu stuffed plantain malabar cuisine kukskitchen
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Malabar cuisine is a gift from the Arab traders and French rulers to the native Zamorins and Namboodiris. My dear D lived in Kuthuparambu for so long he loves malabar cuisine and sings praises all the time. This delicacy is made for the പുത്യാപ്ല , the new groom by his mum-in-law traditionally I'm told.

Skinny Pineapple Almond milk Smoothie | High Protein Low carb smoothie | Kukskitchen

Smoothie is a household favourite. I use it to get nutrients in my little one and it helps to finish off left over fruit. The high protein low carb craze means I had to try protein rich almond milk in my smoothie. Now, I have to warn you if you are making it for your kid, use full fat milk and add some honey or maple syrup for taste.

A glassful would keep you full for a good few hours..... Helps me 'the snacker'. :)

Naan with No yeast No egg | Tandoori roti | Kukskitchen

naan no egg no yeast tandoori roti kukskitchen

Last week we were at a reputed asian restaurant chain called Akbars. We always enjoy their food and their curries taste more like traditional curries and are far from their Anglesided versions you get in most Asian restaurant in UK. Little mathew took control. He ordered the curries and we ordered tandori roti. They were like naans but very light and fluffy and I was already thinking how to make them at home. One thing lead to the other and here is a brand new recipe for naan @kukskitchen. I have seen several techniques to get the tandoor effect of which my favourite is the pressure cooker method. Here you wet one side of the flattened dough disc and stick your dough disc to the side of a pressure cooker. Now place the cooker upside down on to medium flame and let the top side brown. However, I love my pressure cookers too much to even try this. :( ........So instead I pan cooked one side of the naan and using a tong flame cooked the other side. The results were perfectly fluffed and charred tandoori roti.... I was very pleased.

This is the second naan recipe on kuks kitchen, the first being my mum in law's recipe which is superb - find its recipe here. The one below gives you great results and the recipe takes no egg or yeast.

The direct flame technique is what makes this naan recipe a winner. Please do try this technique and let me know.

Dry baked fish with coconut milk | Neymeen pollichathu | Kukskitchen

Go to Keralan backwaters and the first thing you would want to eat is dry-baked fish in banana leaves - മീൻ  പൊള്ളിച്ചത് . It was hard to get fresh banana leaves in the capital city where I was born and brought up in. My mum would make something that tastes similar to it in a non-stick pan, finishing with  a drizzle of coconut milk.

Last week during my routine weekend cooking I decided to make her recipe. I wondered how it would taste with  a LOT of sliced onions and  some chopped tomatoes and some chillies. It came out so well so well that dear D had only praises to say. The beauty of this recipe is the fresh steamed delicate succulent taste of the onions and tomatoes.

Batura - Instant it is | Bhatura | Kukskitchen

batura chole kukskitchen

This recipe for Batura trumps all the other recipes I've tried in the past. This is what my mom-in-law uses and her baturas are gorgeous. She made them on her visit during school holidays . It was an instant hit when dear P came home one day. Well, how can it not be... you will know when you've tried it.

These instant baturas are crispy yet flaky with a melt in your mouth quality. You would have heard about the resting time that batura dough needs. This recipe proves all of that wrong by delivering the best tasting baturas.

Plum cake tatin | Plum upside down cake | Ina garten / Barefoot contessa | Kukskitchen

plum cake tatin kukskitchen ina garten barefoot contessa plum upside down cake

My maternity leave days were spend watching cooking programs on the television with my mum or my mum-in-law both of whom share my passion of cooking (or rather I share their passion for cooking). One of our favourite shows was barefoot contessa by Ina Garten. She explained recipes with such flow and you wanted to make them straight away. I recorded her shows and watched them when little Mathew went to sleep.

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