Saturday, 28 March 2015

Cinnamon rolls | Danish | Kukskitchen

Danish pastry are my favouites to have with coffee or tea. For those who knoow me well know how much a costa addict I am. I have my special time at work, when I walk to the costa shop at the front of the hospital. I am such a regular that the girls at the coffe shop know my drink and make them in advance when they see me in the line. They have some of the most amazing Danish pastries and  cakes. They are made in the stoore every day, heaven!!!. The aroma just fills the place and some times they make their way back to my office room with my favourite coffee.

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 I'm Sherin, aka kukku. 

A happy wife, an excited mum, a  responsible doctor , a friend's friend , a thankful daughter, a thankful sister and  an enthusiastic cook, food writer and food photographer . That's me in a nut shell.

A doctor in my day job and a food writer and food photographer by night. I came in to cooking because of the people around me, be it the women in family who are amazing cooks or the men who luv to eat. My husband is my pillar of support and my son is my best critic. :) Started cooking while I was at school, my first attempt being a sweetie, no surprise there for people who know me. I got interested in cooking more after marriage, as most girls do. My experiments with food blossomed after coming to the UK, where the grocery stores opened up a variety of foodie opportunities for my hungry tum.

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