Salmon baked in Indian Spices | Kukskitchen

Salmon is a great fish for its taste its essential oils and its low fat protein content. It is perfect if you want a low carb high protein dinner. The crispy skin, the juicy flesh and the spicy coat on top makes this dish a winner!!

Pancakes for kids served with vanilla icecream @ kukskitchen

My son loves pancakes. They can cheer him up at the end of a tiring day at school. They also act as a power breakfast especially on weekends when his tiny muscles need all the energy they can for a fast action-packed day.

I know I have shared with you all my version of high protein skinny pancake here.  This version has more carbs per gram and tastes delish served with some chilled icecream.

Spicy beef mince with crispy potato cubes kukskitchen style :D with some Potato wisdom from Heston Blumenthal

Hey there, thank you so much for the support through my facebook page. It is just so encouraging and makes blogging ever so exciting. Here I am posting the recipe on your request. It is one of the simplest of recipes which even beginners can try and get a great result out of.

Also I think it is a good opportunity to share some facts about potatoes in general. I am inspired by Heston's wisdom and much of this comes from him. Thanks to channel 4.

Chicken and Barley Soup - Low in calories high in protein | Kukskitchen

Here's another soup to add to your list of high protein low carb lunch ideas. This is especially delicious with the goodness of barley.

A few things before we start:

  • I oven baked my chicken breasts, plain- no salt no pepper, for 30 minutes at 180 degree celsius.
  • I used reconstituted chicken stock from a cube.
  • Instead of leeks one could use arugula, which better reputed for being nutritious. 
  • Spinach goes well in this recipe too.

Chinese Pork Spare Ribs | Kukskitchen

I absolutely love these babies especially to serve as a starter/nibble with mocktails/ other drinks. There is nothing exciting than getting your guests' finger dirty making them feel at home ( Avoid if you have fussy guests, I know I have potential ones). I made them last over new year and they vanished in minutes. Felt like the washing powder advert - dhoondte reh jaoge!!!!!

Arabian Chicken Majboos | Kukskitchen

Similar to Biriyani, this arabian classic (its adapted version) is a favourite in North Kerala, particularly in Muslim families. I love this due to its simplicity, and the fact that it makes its own stock in which the rice cooks. To me the favorite part of the dish is the flavoursome rice.

Pesaha paal, Kalathappam, Kurisapam and Indri appam | Maundy Thursday Special | Kukskitchen

We have been on lent for Easter. Being on lent keeps things in perspective for me. It is a time I use to reflect about things that makes me better, in faith.

Thattile kutti dosa of Salt n' Pepper movie fame | Kukskitchen

Dosa / Lentil pancake
തട്ടിലെ കുട്ടി ദോശ 


Thattile Kutti Dosa was one of the star characters in this hit malayalam movie. Hats off to the idea.

Aloo Paratha | Wholemeal flatbread stuffed with spiced potatoes | Kukskitchen

It is lent and I am on with some great tasting vegetarian recipes for you readers. My carnivore husband needs something special each day to keep him going if its vegetarian on the menu, I know.

Aloo paratha is a traditional punjabi flat bread. I present my take on it with my style of stuffing. The stuffing I make is similar to stuffing I use for masala dosa or puri masala (I add a little grated ginger to the mix for poori masala).

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