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Pathiri | No-rise rice pan cake | Kukskitchen

I started making pathiri only a few years back. I have fallen in love with it ever since. It is not only quicker to make than most breakfasts and requires no preparation what so ever. Presented is what I do to make my pathiris.

The method might seem long because it includes all fail safe mechanisms too. Real time cooking takes not more than a minute or two per pathiri.

- I usually get 6-7 pathiri's from this recipe.


Rice flour ( I use appam/idiyappam powder, any fried rice flour would do) - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Ghee - 1tsp


- In a pan heat water with ghee and enough salt.
- Let it boil well and turn off flame.
- Add the rice flour to it and mix well with a spoon. I find wooden spoons do the job better.
- The aim of the next few steps is to roll pathiri discs while the dough is still warm.
- Transfer dough to a plastic container so heat isn't lost by conduction.
- Cover the container with cling film so dough doesn't get dry and crusty.
- Take half of the dough and deal with it first whilst the other half is resting in a cling film wrapped plastic container.
- Take a large lemon sized ball of dough, knead well, smooth the surface and roll out using rice flour as dusting if needed.
- The dough starts to crack if the temperature is too hot or too cold. The optimum temperature is when u can handle the dough with ur hands and it feels just a bit too warm but u can still knead it.
- Don't worry about the shape as you are going to cut a perfect round with a knife using a quarter plate or cereal bowl turned upside down.
- Transfer to skillet immediately. With your finger or brush smear a few drops of water to the top side to prevent it from cracking. Cook on medium heat.
- After about 30 sec the bottom side would be cooked. Make sure not to burn your pathiri at this stage.
- After another 30 sec the now bottom side would be cooked.
- Turn it over again.
- Now that both sides are cooked you can apply even medium pressure on the top side using kitchen towel or tea towel. You can see your pathiri happily blistering to a one large blister.
- Repeat with the rest of dough and then do the same with the second half too.

- If making more pathiris I advice making them in batches of the above recipe as I find it hard to get the temperature right when using more dough. Up to 1 1/2 cups of flour is my maximum capacity at a time. You can reuse the same pan to boil water.

With the left over and cut-out-to-make-shape dough you can make steamed peechappodi, which is my dad's favourite -

1) savoury - add cumin seeds.

2) sweet - add sugar and coconut

I frequently eat it with egg curry although it goes well with spicy chicken curry and chana curry too.

Sherin Deepu


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  2. nice combination dear

  3. I LOVE pathiris!! breakfast, lunch or dinner, pathiris are a huge fav of mine!:)

    1. Mine too dear. And they r ready in no time :)

  4. Adipoli pathiri Sherin, I love this version. Thanks for sharing with Favorite recipes event: Breakfast recipes

    1. Thanks swathi. What is ur version dear. Does it use ground rice?

  5. Thanks for linking this recipe to my event.PERFECT.


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