Tips to get kids to eat a balanced meal

Started a new page on advise from my dear friends from college Ashida M Krishnan , Vidya Vivek , Simi Sunil , Aswathy Jayaram. We all know how difficult it is to get our kids to eat a healthy balanced diet filled with veggies, fruits and protein along with good carbs. I present some recipes which are 'tried-and-tested' on my little one who is 6 now. I plan to enrich this list with more really friendly and balanced recipes. Watch this space.

Share your secret recipes here for us so we can all have healthy eating kids.

Happy cooking!

Masala Bread Toast

Egg and Vegetable noodles
Banana muffin
Fish cakes
Mixed vegetable kurma
Spanish omelette
Pineapple sago payasam
Banana pancakes
Pumpkin muffins
Carrot Halwa
Baked fish in Keralan spices
Baked chicken in Italian seasoning
Indian mixed vegetable rice noodles
Chicken and Broccoli with cous cous
Soya chunks pilav
Tofu and chick pea curry
Green peas Kachori
Italian fluffed omelette
Berry and white chocolate muffins
Chocolate Banana cake
Beetroot cake
Sausage and veg egg muffin
Waldorf salad
Carrot cake
Tuna and carrot peera
Banana oatmeal pancakes
Plum upside down cake
Almond milk Pineapple Smoothie
Oats with berries and maple syrup
Apple upside down cake
Banana cake
Stewed fruit salad
Cauliflower manchurian
Butternut squash / Pumpkin soup
Mango Almond Milk Chia seed Smoothie
Chicken and Mushroom Linguine
Mushroom and peas pilav

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