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Starter / Not so veggie snacks

Egg puffs
Chicken 65
Chicken bake - with Italian seasoning
Chicken fry
Chicken lollipops
Fish cakes
Green Chicken Kebab
Mussel fry
Mutton / lamb kebabs
Pork ribs - chinese


Red Meat Mains

Pineapple sago payassam
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Strawberry-blueberry jelly
Strawberry cheese cake


7 cups
Carrot halwa
Chocolate peanut butter balls
Cinnamon rolls
Coconut balls
Gothambu halwa
Gulab jamun {recipe 1} using milk powder
Gulab Jamun {recipe 2} using home made khoya
Gulab jamun {recipe no:3} using egg
Kadalapparippu pradhaman
Paal peda: Milk peda : Milma peda
Payassam: Rice: MWO method
Pazham pradhaman
Pineapple sago payassam
Rava kesari
Rugelach: Jewish rolled cookie
Strawberry- Blueberry jelly
Vermicelli squares


Apple upside-down cake
Banana cake
Banana muffin
Beetroot cake for christmas
Black forest berry and while chocolate muffins
Black forest cake
Carrot cake
Chocolate and banana cake
Chocolate marble cake
Christmas cake
Coffee cake
Cream cheese pound cake - football theme
Fairy cakes
Fondant recipe
Frosting cream cheese
Haresa - Coconut semolina cake
Microwave Chocolate Eggless Butterless Bachelor Cake
Plum cake tatin
Princess doll cake
Pumpkin / Halloween muffins
Red velvet cake - football theme
Vanilla cake with strawberry mousse filling and white chocolate ganache


Cardamom cookies / Naan katta


Green marinade
Green Chicken Kebab


Braided bread rolls
Bread rolls 30minute
Ice cream bread
Kalathappam and pesaha paal
Naan with no yeast no egg / Tandoori roti
Pizza base


  1. Voice of Kerala, a doctor for the United Kingdom and now a Taste maker chef for the Indians (Especially Malayalis) in this whole world...Kuks kitchen... U rocks..Kudos...

  2. Awesome Receipes.... Kudos...

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Niju. :)

  3. Salam..what an effort..hats off doc..

  4. Love your step by step pictorials! Awesome job :)restaurants in south delhi


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