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Turkish vermicelli squares | Kukskitchen

Hey friends

This is the easiest recipe ever with just a handfull of ingredients, very yummy too, which is obvious from the ingredients. I had some vermicelli left over and wanted to make a sweet to send to my brother S. I have had a similar shop bought sweet brought-in by one of my colleagues at work a long time ago, although did'nt know the recipe. Now whilst writing this I searched the web for any similar recipes, none exactly the same as I did. I suppose this recipe is my own then :)


Vermicelli - 400g
Ghee/butter - 4 tsp
Condensed milk - 1 tin

Cling film for wrapping


-Fry vermicelli in ghee for a few minutes till crispy and brown.
-Add condensed milk to it and let it boil for a few minutes till the mix starts to get separated form the sides of the pan.
- grease a shallow tin, pour this and gently pat with the back of a spoon to level it all up.
- once cooled cut squares out of it.
-place each square in the middle of a square sheet of cling film and gather the ends to make a 'bag'.
- this way u can keep your fingers clean whilst eating the sweet.



Sherin Deepu


  1. nice sweet.. Thanks for linking it the event....

  2. looks really yum... any idea how long would this keep?

    1. Mine stayed for a week and a half at home. I haven't tried for more than that. They never stay.The batch that went to my brother travelled from uk to Brussels without damage too.

  3. Thanks for linking this yummy recipe to my event.

  4. Sherin,please say no to word verification.Very difficult to post comments..

  5. Done it dear. I added it initially following a few spam msg. We'll see what happens now :-) Thanks for the feedback dear Asiya

  6. Looks inviting and thx for linking the yummy sweet.

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