Hi Sherinchechy

Just wanted to let you know that your recipes are make cooking seem simple and interesting and moreover, the outcome is yummy.

Good work with your blog...

Aneeja on Kukskitchen

Wow the Halwa looks awesome, looks like the one you get from 'Best bakery' (famous bakers in kottayam)!!! Hey just want to let you know that I had tried your wheat halwa during summer and everyone liked it, not sure if I commented on it before. Thanks for the recipe!!!
Shibi Thomas on Wheat Halwa

Kuttanadan chicken roast tried according to kuks's recipe and it was really family heartful thanks to Sherin.....
Irene Joseph on Kuttanadan Chicken roast

That was great recipe sherin, thanks! It was almost over before i could get a shot! My husband gave 'The best cake' certificate for this one.. Thanks again!
Aswathy Jayaram on Coffee cake

It was really good .. Even I made it many times ..thanks for the recipes. Sometimes I use apple instead of banana .. Moist & crunchy & with lots of nuts .:All my friends like it ..Merry Christmas & a Blessed New year!!!
Jane Eliza Paul on Banana cake

Hi kuku, I tried your hyderabadi mutton dum biriyani for Easter. It came out really good. Thanks for the recipe.

Tried this today ,Sherin..loved it,easy to make too.Thought it was different from the Syrian Christian style I knew.Have never seen coconut milk used for dry beef preparations..thanks for sharing it!

Jisna Paul on Beef ularthu

Hi Sherin, I'm Nandini..W/o Kiran (ur MBBS batchmate). I had tried one of ur recipes..Rawa kesari...which was really yummy..Kiran chettan loved it ..Will definitely try ur other recipes.
Nandini Senan on Rava Kesari

Hi Sherin, only recently started reading your blog.. Excellent!!!! Kudos to u dear .... Simple and thoughtful explanations to every stage of preparation and awesome snaps too.....

"Then I was visiting my friend Sherin's cooking blog and there was it, a puttu recipe. And I read her similar experience with puttu making. There she had done the trial and error work for me and glory be, there were measurements!!!
And I tried it.
And it came out awesome. Just like God and the good people from Kerala intended.
I had arrived. I had crossed the final frontier. I did a victory dance. "

Read the rest of her story with puttu here. You rock it girl with ur pen/keyboard ;)
Annie Kuruvilla on puttu

Made (Baked Salmon) from kuks kitchen blogspot...oh my god...This was the best salmon recipe I ever had. .now chief cook of our ship is a fan of the blogspot. 
Voice of Kerala, a doctor for the United Kingdom and now a Taste maker chef for the Indians (Especially Malayalis) in this whole world...Kuks kitchen... Awesome Recipes.... U rock..Kudos...

Made it today with my daughter.Excellent Recipe,Cake is no different from what you make using time consuming method in traditional oven.Thanks a ton.

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