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Keralan chicken biriyani | A treat for the soul | Kukskitchen

This is one of the best chicken biriyani recipes I've ever owned. Tastes superb each time. Takes a bit of work and hence get made in my kitchen on occasion. This recipe is sourced from my dear S I L. This one she inherited from her mom. A few changes ( very few) were made by yours truly :-)

A few things before you start:

- Try to use chicken with bones in this recipe. This adds more flavour.

- For a quicker version, avoid the layering and instead mix in the chicken with cooked rice.

- If using stove-top method for the final cooking, use a flat pan (dosa kallu) to avoid direct contact with heat and use chappathi dough to seal the lid tight.


Keralan chicken biriyani

കോഴി  ബിരിയാണി 


1- Rice - 4 cups
cardamom - 6
cinnamon - 6
cloves - 6

2- Chicken - 2 kg

3- Ghee - 375 g or to your arteries content

4- Onion- 6 large

5- Ginger- 3 inches
Garlic - 3 whole pods
Green chilli- 8 or more to taste

6- Cinnamon - 2 inches
Clove- 6
Nutmeg- 10 g
Mace- 10g
Cardamom - 6
Cumin- 1 tsp
Fennel- 1 tsp
Shahjeera - 1/4 tsp
Peppercones - 10

7- Cashew nuts- 15, (or if u have a hubby like mine who hogs all the cashew nuts in the house, u can use almonds in its place, like I had to do on this particular occasion.)
Raisins- 30

8- Coconut- 1 cup

9- Pineapple - one small can of crushed pineapple
Yogurt- 1/2 cup
Lemon juice- of one

10- Rose water -  a few drops
Saffron- a pinch

11- salt to taste

12- Coriander and mint leaves- 1 1/2 cups


- Dry roast (6) to release oils, let them cool down, before grinding them to a biriyani masala

- Grind (5) to a coarse paste ( in the same blender, saves washing up, eh :-))

- Dry-fry grated coconut to a light brown colour and keep aside

- Fry (7) in ghee and keep aside

- fry thinly sliced onions in half the ghee to a crispy golden colour

- In the same pan sauté (5), till they are not raw any more.

- Add chicken pieces followed by (9), salt, a quarter of the fried onions and half of the powdered masala. Mix well to coat the chicken pieces.

- Mix thoroughly the fried coconut, cashew nuts and raisins with the rest of the biriyani masala.

- Add this to the chicken once it's cooked.

- Take a heavy bottomed pot and in plenty of boiling water add the spices in (1) followed by rice. Cook rice till the grains have a bite to them, add salt to taste and drain.

- Time for the classic layering which gives all its taste. In a deep pot (biriyani chempu) layer chicken at the bottom, sprinkle some of the fried onion followed by all of the mint and coriander leaves. Layer the partially cooked rice on top. Pour over the remaining ghee, rosewater and saffron strands. Be generous with ur ghee, it adds a lot of taste. :-)

- Close with a tight lid and oven bake for 20-30 minutes at about 150 degrees.

- Remove from oven, spoon out your rice and carefully remove all the leaves. Getting a bite of coriander or mint leaves with the yummy biriyani rice leaves an after taste, so better leave them out.


Sherin Deepu


  1. OMG...I'm on low carb tempted to try this...Sherin!!!!!

  2. wooo tempting..Interesting recipe

  3. Drooling here great clicks too

  4. THAT is a seriously MINDBLOWING Biryani recipe. My mouth is watering, and I have just finished lunch. Fabulous. Definitely bookmarking!

    Please join my ongoing dinner party linky event:

  5. Lovely colour... Looks like you are a biryani expert

  6. Sherin, adipoli biriyani. Can I call you biryani queen.

  7. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe to favorite recipes: rice recipe event.

  8. Thank u my dears. U guys rock.

    Hey suman u can try a low carb low fat version dear. Substitute ghee for sunflower oil, use less rice and omit the fried onions and nuts. It would still taste yummy with the ginger garlic and masala. I frequently try this low fat version if I am cooking just for us three. :-)

    Swathi dear, I liked it :-) (blush blush) U r our baking queen darling. :-)

  9. Lip smacking ...lovely clicks too

  10. Briyani looks very delicious and mouth watering..

  11. Sure Sherin...thnx for the tips...will let you know...I'm planning to cook this for Diwali...

    Feast of Sacrifice Event - Received entries updates posted .Please check.

  13. Definitely a great Biryani recipe. Loved it and your pics say it all . The Biryani looks so tempting.Thanks for linking.

  14. OMG! I posted a 'biryani' a while back from a generic cookbook and while we liked it, it is far less flavourful than your beauty here! I am going to try making this more authentic version of a classic! Thanks to your family for the recipe!

  15. wowwww iam drooling here :)i wish to have a plateful of biriyani now..lov your pics..i have bookmarked many of your dishes.can't wait to try it..

  16. Thank u dears. Pls do try them out and let me know how they turned out. I have got a Facebook page where I post food of tried recipes by friends of kukskitchen. U can mail me the pics or even better post them on ur blog and I can link u back. How abt that dearies:-)

  17. hi dear,
    thanks for your quick response..ya thats a nice idea (posting on my blog)an idea can change ur life:)hihi..diwali special sweets enthundu?happy diwali to you and ur family..

  18. He he:-) I liked that Rani. Diwali special ayirunnu coconut balls, now mysore pak and gulab jamun on their way :-) How abt u dear.

  19. i have posted gulab jamun as diwali special..waiting to see ur mysore pak:)

  20. I have to make gulab jamun as well, rite rani?

  21. Hi kuk.. Tried this one yesterday...turned out well
    :-) had bought the pineapple with the intention of making pulisseri...but then keshu ordered biriyani.

  22. That is great achu.

    Kids rule our lifes don't they :-)

    Let me know how ur pulissery turned out ketto. :-)

  23. Mouth watering!! one of my fav dishes :)

  24. I dont own a oven. How to cook without an oven I the final stage

  25. Hi Priyaah,

    My mum never used oven anyway dear. She used to layer the biriyani like above in a large pressure cooker, close the lid, do not put the weight on and let steam in low flame for 15 minutes. Make sure to watch for the smell (you don't want the bottom to burn).

    Or if you have a microwave - Layer as above in a large microwave safe bowl (you will have to do it in two batches), don't use a tight lid. Microwave at medium power for 5 minutes. My MIL uses this technique and her biriyani is awesome.

    Hope this helps. Le tme know how you get on. Post a picture of facebook and tag me dear. :)

  26. Thanks for sharing this mouthwatering chicken biryani recipe. :) This really looks delicious and the pictures provided are also wonderful. Nice job. thanks again for sharing :)


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