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Carrot stir fry | Keralan style & a tip for weight loss :) | Kukskitchen

Eating carrots will not make you fat. This a fact. It contains beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A, is especially important for eye health. It’s also of great benefit to the skin, and the immune and digestive systems. Carrots are also loaded with fibre and water, which cleanse the liver, boost oxidation and plump out skin to stave off wrinkles.

When trying to lose weight I frequently use my veggies to fill me up in place of regular carbs like rice or chapatti. With all the wonderful ingredients who wouldn't want to fill ur tumm with our dear carrot. Carrot thoran goes well with rice and if u have a pulisseri too, then 'kusalayi'. Yummm

Presented is a quick version of carrot thoran.


1 - Carrot - 250 g
2 - Grated coconut -1/2 cup
     Garlic paste - 2 tsp or more according to taste
     Green chilli - 2
     Salt to taste
3 - Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
     Cumin - 1 tsp
     Shallots / chuvannulli - 3-4 small ones
     Curry leaves - 2 sprigs
4 - oil - 2 tbsp


- Grind (2) with little water making sure it doesn't go mushy.
- Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds and cumin.
- Add shallots and saute till they turn translucent.
- Add the vegetable and curry leaves, mix well and simmer covered for about 10-15 minutes or till the vegetable is cooked through. Add no more water. If you like very dry thoran, leave this for another 5 minutes for a crispy thoran.
- Now add (2) and saute till the raw smell and taste disappears and the coconut turns light brown.

Enjoy with hot fluffy rice


  1. Healthy stir fry.. I like it with curd rice.

    1. Oh yes. thairsadam goes very well with it too :)

  2. I liked that color of carrot neat..

  3. Healthy stir fry, I haven't seen the word Keralan Sherin. Usually Kerala style.

    1. I was writing for a local cook book here in UK and wanted to use a single word that means kerala-style. I thought if india-style can be indian why can't kerala-style be keralan? So started using the term.
      What did u think of the term?

    2. Looks like you are adding a new word to dictionary. Most Keralites will not approve of this word

    3. Not really Swathi. 'Keralan' as a noun means native or inhabitant of Kerala and is very much a malayalam word in itself. Do u think most keralites will not approve? I had a very different reaction to the term. They seem to luv it. And it is used quite often by British chefs like Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, if you googled the term for instance. I just tried it and was surprised myself when I first saw it. :)

  4. Simple and healthy fry..Thanks for linking this to my event... Please do add the event-announcement link.. Expecting more recipes from you :)

    Inviting you to join my on-going events :-

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    Sharans Samayalarai

  5. Even I make carrot fry once in a while. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Hello chechi, this looks pretty cool. What's the serving size for this recipe?

  7. thanks Jeffie. With the given measurements you can easily serve four people as a side dish. Let me know how it turns out and take a picture too ketto :).

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