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Green marinade for barbecue and how to prepare lamb chops | Kukskitchen

I absolutely luv barbecues. I luv the smell of partially burnt masala that fills the air and the whole 'good food in a relaxed atmosphere' thing. The best part is I don't have to physically cook, as BBQ is my man's speciality. He does a great barbecue with perfectly cooked meat served with love and my favourite fizzy drinks. We do a great barbecue when some one dear comes home and when the british weather permits :)

I do a variety of barbecue marinades. I will share them all with u in time. Watch this space. :)

The most recent barbecue I had was at center parcs with my dear friends S and R this weekend. It was a brilliant experience even though it is the second time we girls with family are getting together at the venue. Both S and R marinated and brought yummy treats for all of us to share.

Mutton and geen marinade is a marriage made in heaven. U can get away with lamb or even chicken, but mutton is the best. The cut I get is tender loin chops. They're the most tender chops on the lamb. They have bone on either side of the meat. This keeps the meat in shape once on the bbq or grill. Lamb/ Mutton leg chops are not as tender.

Courtesy:Google images

Courtesy: Google images

Presented here is the barbecue green marinade.

How to prepare your lamb chops:

  • With a meat hammer lightly bash the meat till it is 5mm thin. It will spring back a bit once in marinade.
  • Ideally marinate over night for a perfect succulent meat or atleast 3-4 hours.

Green marinade recipe
For 1 1/2 kg meat

1 medium onion, peeled and coarsely chopped (about 1 cup)
1 cup packed coriander leaves and stem
1 1/4 cups packed basil leaves
1/4 cup packed mint leaves
4 tablespoons of fish sauce, I used thai fish sauce
3 peeled garlic cloves
zest of 1 lime
plenty ground black pepper
2 tablespoons of apple juice
Salt to taste

Grind all the ingredients together to a fine paste. I use a freezer bag, place the meat pieces in it and tip the marinade over and shake the bag for a perfect mix.

If u r wondering where is the finished product- sorry guys it didnt stay that long enough for me to take a picture. :)

Sherin Deepu

Please do not borrow pictures without my permission. I may not find out but there is someone up there watching, and stealing doesnot go well in his court.

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