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Bread caramel pudding: Dinner party special | Kukskitchen

Puddings are a vital element to a dinner party success. Here is a quick and easy yet tasty pudding with a presentation enough to wow ur guests.

Bread caramel pudding: Dinner party special

A few things before you start:
-If the caramel syrup becomes too hard, heat it with 1/4 cup of water and it will turn syrupy again.
-Take care not to add hot caramel syrup to the egg-milk mix, or else u will end up with scrambled egg.
- While the bread pieces are soaking the juices, use ur fingers to gently press them down.

Bread caramel pudding: Dinner party special

Bread Caramel pudding


Bread - 10 slices, cubed
Sugar- 3/4 Cup (1/2 + 1/4 cup)
Milk- 3 Cups
Butter - 50 gm


-  Preheat oven to 375 F /180 C
- Separate the white and yellow of all the eggs
- Beat the yellow with a fork and add the milk into it.Mix well and keep aside.
- Add half a cup of sugar to a thick bottomed vessel. Turn the heat to medium. When the sugar starts melting ,give an occasional stir. The sugar will now start to change colour. When completely caramelised ,it turns golden brown in colour. Turn off the heat and add butter to it. It will melt, mix well. Allow to cool.
- When the caramel is cooled down to room temperature, add the milk- egg yellow and mix well.
- Butter a baking pan or individual ramekins, and arrange the bread pieces at the bottom. Pour the caramel - milk mixture and allow bread pieces to soak all the lovely juices.
- While the bread takes its time to soak, beat the egg white hard ,adding 1/4 cup sugar in portions. Beat it well to a stiff peak, like for a meringue.
- Spread the meringue over the soaked bread pieces. Allow it to seep into the spaces in between ur bread pieces.
- Bake for 35-45 minutes or until the top turns a golden brown color.
- Keep them refrigerated till ready to serve.

Bread caramel pudding: Dinner party special

Bread caramel pudding: Dinner party special


  1. Wat a delightful pudding, super fantastic dessert.

  2. I always know I am in for an absolute treat when I stop by here!

  3. Loving the meringue topping :) totally cute reminds me of santas' beard :P

  4. Thanks dears.

    Santa's beard is a good one. U have a super dooper mind priya :-)

  5. wow....looks so tempting..


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