Monday, 12 November 2012

Gothambu halwa | Atta halwa | Flour halwa | Kukskitchen

This one is close to my heart as it is one of the first sweets I made, and I was in school. Those days my brother  would eat anything I made and was my critic. Me, my sis and my mum would try all sorts of things in our kitchen in Trivandrum. He has got a more sophisticated palate now. Luckily my SIL is an amazing cook herself. :-)

The only slight change I made from my first attempt was to add dark muscovado sugar for that extra colour and taste.

Gothambu halwa: Flour halwa atta halwa


Chappathi flour - 2 cups
Ghee - 1 1/2 cups
Castor sugar - 1 1/2 cups
Dark muscovado sugar - 1 cup
Cloves - 3
Cardamom - 5
Water - 8 cups
Rose water - 2 drops
Cashewnuts - 8-10


- Dry fry cloves and cardamom till they release their oils.

- Boil sugar with water in a sauce pan till sugar dissolves

- Add ghee to a non-stick pan and saute flour in it with the whole spices and fry till flour turns light brown.
Gothambu halwa: Flour halwa

- Now add the sugar syrup and stir well to make sure no lumps are formed.

Gothambu halwa: Flour halwa

- Add dark muscovado sugar and at this stage use a sputter guard. :-) Stit till till the mixture lets itself off the edges of the pan
Gothambu halwa: Flour halwa

- Spread on a ghee smeared plate add rose water and garnish with roasted cashews.
Gothambu halwa: Flour halwa

- Cut them in to desired shapes and serve warm.


- Try using plain flour and avoid muscovado sugar for a light brown halwa.

Gothambu halwa: Flour halwa atta halwa


Sherin Deepu


  1. I always know I am in for an absolute treat when I stop by here!

  2. Thank u dear. Have u tired indian sweets much cquek?

  3. So delicious Sherin :) love the way they have turned out, can I say half sinful???

  4. Looks super delicious and can I say half sinful???

  5. delectable n delicious :)

  6. thanks dears.

    Priya, full of sin ;-)

  7. looks soo delectable n delicious :)

  8. Wow..Yummy tempting Halwa..

  9. Wow the Halwa looks awesome, looks like the one you get from 'Best bakery' (famous bakers in kottayam)!!! Got to try that for sure!!!

    Check out FlavZCorner

    1. Yeah... looks similar doesnt it. Not sure how they make theirs. I am married to Pala. :)


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