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Szechuan Sauce | Sichuan / Szechwan / Schezwan Cuisine | Kukskitchen

 Szechuan Sauce  | Sichuan / Szechwan / Schezwan Cuisine  | Kukskitchen

We all like chinese food and in India people love Indo-chinese. My husband and my son are big fans of the 'sweet and sour' but then I like everything hot and spicy. Now there comes that special place Szechuan cuisine has in my culinary world. Szechuan cuisine originates from the Sichuan province of Southwestern China. It usually has bold flavours. It has garlic, it has chilli and it has Sichuan pepper.

One would think Sichuan pepper is, like white, black or chilli pepper, - spicy. But no, Sichuan pepper has slight lemony overtones and creates a tingly numbness in the mouth (caused by its 3% of hydroxy alpha sanshool) that sets the stage for hot spices. It is also called chinese coriander. It is one of the ingredients in chinese five spice. But then, how to get hold of it. If you ask me, my answer would be - I DON'T KNOW. But what I do know is how to create the same taste with ingredients I have in my kitchen cupboard.

I present you a DIY Szechuan sauce and hope yoou like it. I made a fried rice with this sauce and it tasted amazing. I will post that this week. Watch this space.

This sauce can be stored in air tight bottle for few days or more if stored in a fridge.

Szechuan Sauce
10 minutes


1- Sesame oil - 3 tbsp
2- Dried chilli flakes - 1/2 cup
   Garlic - 2 cloves crushed
   Sugar - 1 tsp
   Tomato puree - 2 tsp
   Salt to taste
3- Lemon juice - 1/2 tsp


  • In a wok heat oil till smoking hot and add (2) one by one.Cook till oil is clears.
  • Remove from heat,add lemon juice and mix well.

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