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Black forest cake | Keralan cake | Kukskitchen

A piece of the soft black forest cake is one that no one can resist. In the city where I was born and brought up in, there was a bakery/ bakers called M. They made the softest black forest cakes ever and their cake for christmas or birthday was such a pleasure to have, one had to pre-order as such was it's popularity. Not sure if the bakers still exist or if they make their world-famous-in-the capital city-cakes any more.

Presented is my take on the classic which gives best results each time.

The base for my black forest cake is 'devil's food cake'. Now, where I got this recipe! Got it from a book I borrowed from my first supervising consultant Dr JF at my first job. It was a small cooking booklet of 'Vanitha', a fortnightly malayalam magazine in India. :) It tasted like the black forest cake I tasted from M. Made a few changes and added a frosting and here is the result.


1. Butter – 180 g
Sugar – 1 ¾ cup
2. Eggs -3
3. Plain flour – ½ cup
Baking powder – 3 tsp
Baking soda – ½ tsp
Cocoa powder/ drinking choc – 2/3 cup
4. Instant coffee powder – 3 tsp
Red food colour – ½ tsp
Water – ½ cup
Milk – ½ cup


- Mix (1) together with hand mixer/ planetary mix . Add eggs one by one to this mixing well after each addition.
- Mix (3) well. Add this to the above mixture, red food colour, coffee powder in water and milk all adding half first and then second half till they combine well.
- Remember to only fold while getting the dry and wet ingredients together
- Transfer to 2 cake dishes and bake for 45 mts at 180 degreeC
- Join the two cakes using black cherry conserve.
- Ice using whipped cream, choc shavings/cake crumps and cherries.

Have a taste - - - - - :D


  1. Perfectly made black forest cake Sherin.
    Thanks for dropping by..
    Glad to follow you.

    1. Thanks Shobha :) Come again.

  2. the cake is moist and super tempting..Sherin thanks for linking, wish you would link to respective announcements to participate in the giveaway.

  3. Perfect... thanks for linking this recipe to my event .Expecting more recipes from you

  4. Beautiful and perfectly baked balck forest cake, this is my fav since my 5'th std :P love it and it looks stunning, would love to try this too

    Cook like Priya

  5. Wow!
    Thanks for linking this recipe to my event.

  6. this is my fav cake.. i can eat daily..look superb..def going to try..


  7. Oooh i made Devil's Food Cake Recipe something very similar a few months ago, and it was delicious! Loved seeing how you had a different take on it . I’m definitely making this! thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you for visiting dear. How is my recipe different? is it the coffee powder or red colour???

  8. Hi sherin,

    Heartfelt hugs for making this awesome treat here.I have made your kuttanadan chicken roast and my kids devored it without any leftovers..

    I think your kids are enough lucky to have your experiments often..Hats off.

    Recently I made This cake from the idea derived from http://lisacolin.blog.com/2015/06/04/black-forest-cakegateau/

    1. Dear Anjam

      Thank you so much for your very kind words and for trying kuttanadan Chicken Roast. Please do share a picture if you have. Would love to see.



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