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soya chunks pilav: what is the difference between pilav, fried rice and biriyani? Kukskitchen

As promised here is my soya chunks pilav made using left over stir fried soya chunks recipe.

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What is pilav / fried rice / biriyani?

Pilaf or pilav or pulav, is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth.The English term pilaf is borrowed directly from Turkish, palov, which in turn comes from Persian polow (پلو), and ultimately derives from Sanskrit pulāka- (पुलाक), "lump of boiled rice". We know it, everything gains their origin from india :-).

In India pilav is mostly prepared in a coconut milk broth.

Fried rice, on the other hand is a popular component of Southeast Asian cuisine, where it is staple as Southeast Asian foods. It is made from steamed rice stir-fried in a wok, often with other ingredients, such as eggs, vegetables, and meat.

Biryani or biriyani ( Malayalam: ബിരിയാണി, Kannada: ಬಿರಿಯಾನಿ, Tamil: பிரியாணி, Hindi: बिरयानी, Telugu: బిర్యాని, Urdu: بریانی) is a set of rice-based foods made with spices, rice (usually basmati) and meat, fish, eggs or vegetables. The name is derived from the Persian word beryā(n) (بریان) which means "fried" or "roasted".

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Soya chunks Pilav

The first step is to prepare the soya chunks stir fry. I used half of the above recipe to prepare my pilav.


1 - Rice - 2 cups
Water - 4 cups (+another 1/4 cup if using coconut milk powder)

2 - Soya chunks stir fry - half of the above recipe

3 - Coconut milk -  1/2 cup or coconut milk powder - 2 tbsp dissolved in 1/4 cup of water


- In a microwavable pot add rice with water, coconut milk and soya chunks stir fry.

- Mix well and cook in microwave at full power for 20 minutes or till all the water is absorbed.

- Mix well again as u will find some of the soya chunks find their way at the top. Mix so that all the flavours are combined.

- Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with raita, popadoms and spicy keralan pickles.

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  1. Adipoli biriyani with soya chunks.

  2. Very informative post dear....tq

  3. Nice write up, ur pilav tempting me!!!
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  7. yummy pilav with soya chunks

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  10. Well written, pulao looks incredible and delicious.

  11. Loved the interesting write up Sherin :) Most people would have got a clear idea by now... Soya chunks Pilaf sounds yum dear :)
    Beetroot Poriyal

  12. Interesting and lovely click :)

  13. Had this Bririyani once during lent time and they are really a good substitute for meat and tastes just like meat!!! Moreover they are easy to prepare when compared to meat biriyani.
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  14. Looks Delicious.Nice explanation..

  15. I hve just started to learn cooking..Was looking for pulav recipe with soya..Happy to stop by your blog..Following you..:)


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