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Gulab Jamun {recipe no 3} using secret ingredient | Kukskitchen

Yes, these are perfect, with a soft centre, perfect shape and delicious taste.Now, you will want to know what is that secret ingredient that made me, the jamun killer, make perfect jamuns. It is egg, I know, egg... who would have thought.

A good few months ago when I was toiling with my ingredients to make the perfect jamuns, my foundation doctor at the time was a sweet young girl, S. She gave me this tip, seeing  my misery. Thanks a ton darling.

When you have the perfect recipe, jamuns are the easiest Indian sweets to make and they are soo damn delicious too.

A few things before we start:
  • Use a few drops of milk if the dough is very hard.
  • Use oil if dough sticks to your fingers.
  • Fry them on low flame to avoid a hard centre. I cannot stress this point enough.
  • Wait for a nice brown color. Turn them gently but frequently.
  • Make sure syrup is just warm and not boiling hot.
  • Best served cold after a day in fridge.

Gulab Jamun
Serves 9


1 - Milk Powder - 1 cup
     Plain flour - 2 tbsp
     Semolina -1 tsp
     Egg - 1
     Baking powder - 1 level tsp.

2 - Water - 2 cups
     Sugar - 2 cups
     Green cardamom powder -1/4 tsp.

3 - Crushed Almonds / pistachio - to garnish


  • In a bowl mix (1) and make about 15-20 small balls out of the dough. I got 18.
  • .Heat oil in a pan and fry them carefully till golden brown.
  • In another pan boil water and sugar until sugar dissolves; this is the sugar syrup. Turn off the flame and add cardamom powder. Let it cool down slightly. 
  • Pour the fried balls of gulab jamun in the syrup and keep it covered for 35-40 minutes so the balls get soaked in the sugar syrup.
  • To serve, garnish with almonds and/or pistachio.

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  1. I am seeing gulab jamuns since morning... now I am so tempted to just go home and make some!!! Looks really so good...

    1. they r so tempting aren't they.... i lose control seeing them


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