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Spring gem lettuce and micro leaves salad with Yoghurt dressing | Kukskitchen

Spring gem lettuce and micro leaves salad with Yoghurt dressing  | Kukskitchen

It is the first day of spring and I feel the best way to start this spring is with an uplifting spring song and a refreshing salad.

Last Friday it was Easter play in my son's School. The kids and teachers who prepared them did such a great job of it. My little one was a narrator and then a rain drop watering plants. It was all so cute and us parents loved every bit of it. The play ended with a song called spring chicken and OMG it was such a funny song. His music teacher is very talented and she made them do all the right fretta and grave beautifully. The kids all sang in such harmony and I was very proud of my little champ. The song is as below:

"One mother hen sat on 4 little eggs, Keeping them warm in her little egg nest, Then one day she heard a crack And a little voice said, as the egg was hatched;
I'm a spring chicken! Im yellow and small. My feathers are fluffy and they're keeping me warm. My legs are not long, so Ill never be tall,
But I'm a real spring chicken and I'm having a ball! (Chicken I'm a chicken, I'm a having a ball!)"

Spring gem lettuce and micro leaves salad with Yoghurt dressing  | Kukskitchen

Coming to the salad. Keeping the healthy eating theme going, I do buy quite a bit of different leaves and adapt my dressings so it doesn't get monotonous. My recent visit to the super store to me to the fresh salad isle and some British salad cress and Micro purple radish leaves.

Spring gem lettuce and micro leaves salad with Yoghurt dressing  | Kukskitchen
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I already had some lettuce leaves and baby plum tomatoes and viola, a delicious salad was born.

A few things before we start:
  • I donot mix my salad to preserve the presentation. Let your family/  guests do that job when they help themselves. 
  •  Nothing can beat fresh leaves, so the fresher they are the better
  • They are delicious as a side to your starter at a party or a side salad to mains.
  •  Add anything at all to this salad, like grated cucumber, grated red onion, both with their juices squeezed out. 
  • I used a healthy salad dressing here,but feel free to use tradiional mayo or caeser salad dressing.
Spring gem lettuce and micro leaves salad with Yoghurt dressing  | Kukskitchen


Spring salad
Serves 4


1- Gem lettuce leaves - 2, quartered
    Purple radish micro leaves - 1/2 pot
    Salad cress - 1/2 pot
    Baby plum tomatoes - 6-7, halved

2- 0% greek yoghurt - 3 tbsp
    Mint leaves - 3-4
    Salt to taste
    Pepper to taste


  • Wash and lay your salad leaves at the bottom of your bowl or lay them on a wooden board.
  • 'Carefully' scatter the tomatoes. 
  • Mix (2) well. Add a tsp of water if the yoghurt is too lumpy.
  • Drizzle the yoghurt dressing all over and serve. 
  • Enjoy!

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Sherin Deepu

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